Get to know one of the Billies on a more intimate level and rub your mouse on us!

Hey I'm Barbara Ann Billie! I'm really the best musician in the band. I sing AND play acoustic guitar. My brother Billy calls it the girl fiddle. He's says a real man plays the powerd fiddle only. He's an asshole. I'm glad he's just my half brother. I shutter at the thought of sharing the exact same gene pool as him. I love him anyways. He's very protective of me. He dosent like any of my boyfriends. He always runs them off with wild stories about me. Half truths and down right lies. He just really wants all my attention to himself. I guess little brothers are like that. Plus I feel bad for him cause his back is always hurting him. I swear I must of give him a thousand massages and he still just aches and moans, nothin helps not even hot oil.
Anyways I'm always looking for more boyfriends but don't let Billy know cause he will just try and ruin it for me.