Get to know one of the Billies on a more intimate level and rub your mouse on us!

My name is Joey Bo Billie I am the banjo man for The Culver City Hillbillies. Don't confuse me with my half brother Bobby Joe Billie, he's the one that's bald. I have a nice full head a hair. Bobby Jo's takes after his Daddy old Q ball Johnson. I never met my Daddy but I bet he has great hair. My friends from my GED class are gonna make us famous with our website. So it's really me that should get the most money in the band when we get a gig. If it wasn't for me being the go getter in my family and actually getting my GED we would have never met them boys.
I'm on the web to make new friends. American friends that is. English speaking only please, and not that English that people from england talk. I can't understand a word of it. I know a guy from England that's been here 30 years and he still talks like he's fresh off the boat. That's some, "look at me look at me" bullshit right there. I garuntee if I had to move to England for some reason, after a few months I'd probably be talking just like the rest of them pricks over there.