Get to know one of the Billies on a more intimate level and rub your mouse on us!

I'm Sandra Dee Billie. I play fiddle for the Culver City Hillbillies. I have 3 violins. My first was my grammas fiddle that my Mama handed down to me. The second one I bought with my own money I earned at the family mattress factory and the last one I stold. My favorite is the one I stold! Cause I love taking shit for free. I know stealing is wrong but I cant help myself, free is just better and more fun. I hardly ever get caught cause I don't look the type. I remember the second time my Daddy gave me a whoopin after getting caught. He said "I don't know why you keep doing this Sandra you get caught everytime you do it". I remember thinking, wow my Daddy sure is dumb.
Anyway I'm on the web cause I'm interested in men. Men only. I dont like pretty boys. If you look like Brett Michael's but hit by a bus, you can come a calling. If you could star in your own tv show called "Crack rock of love" then drop me a line. I need a man that can take a punch and throw a punch cause I'm into that.

God Bless
Sandra Dee Billie

P.S. My family thinks I'm a mute cause I don't talk to them. It's been a real long time since I spoke a word to anybody really. I think this writing on the web will be alot of fun.