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My name is Le'Roy Billie. I play Deep Fiddle in the Culver City Hillbillies. I guess you could say bass playing is in my blood because my father Rudy Snipezo played bass in a pretty famous hair metal band called Watts Riot. My cousin Billy said they were pretty good too. I don't have my Daddy's last name cause my folks died before they had a chance to be wed. They passed on in a drinkin and drivin accident. My Daddy loved to drive drunk. I'm sad that they died when I was just a baby but im glad that my folks were living on the edge and not a couple of pussy's like most peoples parents. I'm on the web looking for girls. I like black girls cause I don't date outside my race. I know I don't look black but that's cause my mama was albino. I'm sure glad my Daddy was black or I'd have them freaky white eyes. Hope to cya at the fandango!