Get to know one of the Billies on a more intimate level and rub your mouse on us!

Hi I'm Bobby Jo Billie, I'm the harp man in the Billies. Some people call me the party animal cause I love to get into some crazy shit!!! I do take my work very serious though. I am new to my cousin Billy's mattress business but Billy says I'm a real up and comer and that he thinks I'll go far just as long as I don't cross him or sell any of my own mattresses on the side. We are gonna have to concentrate on the band alot soon cause we are gonna be famous from cutting off Tiny's arm. Like Def leopard did. Billy is gonna have me working the chainsaw cause he says his hands are to shaky from hard drinking. Well, wish us luck! I am really hoping to meet a nice church going woman on the web. I get with alot of whores in my line of work so I figure it'll be a real nice change a pace for me to meet some of you classy internet type a girls.